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Careport Portable Bathroom



If you work with clients who are unable to access their bathroom due to an illness, medical condition, physical ailment, or even simply home renovations, CarePort provides an invaluable short or long-term solution. Designed with optimal comfort in mind, CarePort is an accessible shower or shower and toilet unit that can be set up at home, offering privacy, safety and, ultimately, an improved quality of life.For those dealing with medical or physical conditions, accessing a standard bathroom can cause a significant amount of distress or even mean that they are unable to stay in their own homes. CarePort is designed to minimise this stress and ensure that people are able to live each day as normally as possible. With consideration carefully paid to every detail, the flexible CarePort unit offers everything your client needs, including curtains for added privacy, grab rails for extra security and a wedge ramp for easier access. CarePort also offers accessibility for carers so that assistance can be provided without hassle or unnecessary embarrassment.

Equally efficient for people who are renovating their homes, CarePort enables your clients to set up a temporary bathroom solution that can be installed in any room, and removed without leaving a trace.

Imported directly from the UK and installed by highly qualified tradesmen, CarePort is a premium quality portable bathroom solution that complies with relevant Australian Electrical and Plumbing Standards, ensuring safety and durability. It can be installed on carpet, floorboards or tiles, and with fast-draining functionality to prevent overflow, you can rest assured that CarePort won’t leave you with unhappy clients. Plus, with a built-in light, adjustable shower rail and an optional self-contained thermostatically controlled water heater, CarePort ticks all boxes. The CarePort can also be supplied with an independent hot water system with a temperature controlled valve for extra safety. When it’s no longer needed, the unit can easily be dismantled and removed, leaving no signs that anything was there.

The CarePort portable bathroom can be hired or purchased, making it an ideal long or short term option that makes life easier, more dignified and less stressful for your clients.