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CarePorts: Temporary Bathroom Facilities for The Aged or Disabled

CarePorts are essentially a portable bathroom and can be a shower only or shower and toilet.  They are mobile and transferable and offer safety, security, dignity and peace of mind.  They come with an independent hot water system and are available in two sizes.  CarePorts are a premium and durable product which complies with all Australian plumbing and electrical standards.  Our qualified tradies can install one in a matter of an hour or so.  So, let’s look at who they would be suitable for and what the benefits of having one are:

Who they suit

  • Anyone with a disability who is seeking an immediate solution.  If you are waiting on funding or an insurance claim, or to have your more permanent facilities built, you may need a prompt solution straight away.  There can be delays with claims, funding or just getting renovation plans through Council.  I know from personal experience; these things do not just happen overnight. In fact, the waiting can be longer than anyone expects for a large number of reasons. 

This is where the CarePorts unit really come into their own.  Being completely temporary and portable, you can easily just book one with us; we bring it to your home and it’s installed by fully qualified tradespeople and then it’s yours.  Whether you need it for one month or one year, it’s a completely flexible and versatile option for your temporary bathroom or toilet needs.  Then at the end of the hire, when you are finished with it, it is then removed by us, leaving the place where it was untouched and as if it had never been there.  Our Careports offer the user (and their carer) a fantastic solution that gives accessibility which equates to less embarrassment for all involved.

  • For all the above reasons, our CarePorts are great for the elderly.  You may have an older loved one staying with you for a while; you can care for them in a way that will look after them, whilst keeping them safe and with you.  No accidental slips or falls (for either of you) as our system has sliding sides and curtains.  Additionally included is the hot water system with thermostat, temperature control valve for additional safety, plus adjustable shower rails and a light.   For those in a wheelchair, this works exceptionally well.  It really does tick all the boxes. 
  • Anyone in temporary accommodation – you don’t have to be the elderly or a disabled person – it’s great for anyone.   Perhaps whilst doing a home renovation or a self-build you need a temporary bathroom option to tide you over whilst the work is being done.   Again, many jobs end up running over time, so what you think might be ‘just a few weeks’ can frequently blossom into months.  Whilst these are most suitable for the elderly or disabled, the concept works incredibly well for anyone who is in a temporary accommodation situation where there are no toilet or bathroom (shower) facilities.  They can be installed on concrete, carpet, tiles or floorboards without damage to these surfaces. 
  • Accommodation where the space is limited and you cannot fit in a traditional bathroom setup.  It may be that you have a ‘granny-flat’ or similar situation where space is exceedingly limited or the facilities will only be required for a limited time.  The CarePorts we offer have two sizes; as follows:

Standard: 1030 mm long and 864mm door opening, or

Longer:  1215 mm long and with a 751mm door opening

  • Businesses which need to provide accommodation and bathroom (and shower) facilities for their personnel and require a portable and/or temporary solution.   This may be relevant in remote areas or where you are housing service or maintenance crews for shorter periods of time.   Whilst primarily designed for disabled people, the concept works remarkably well for everyday portable use.   Once you factor in the cost to transfer staff to and from sleeping and bathroom facilities, it may be, in fact, more worthwhile to have a temporary portable CarePort onsite for use by your personnel.   Shift workers can be particularly tired and worn out after a 12-hour shift; this affords them the services they need to have a hot shower clean-up without having to travel distances to use permanent facilities.  Additionally, you may not know exact dates for needs; such as length of a shutdown – so the flexibility of our hire services might be perfect for your needs.  
  • Where you simply don’t have the funds and money to have a more permanent solution built.  We understand that with all your ongoing costs and medical bills, you may have limited funds.  By renting our CarePorts, there is no large substantial and initial outlay; you have a consistent and manageable monthly rental fee – making the stress of finding funds for construction something of the past. 

Why they are great

The list of benefits of our CarePorts is somewhat long – and here they are:

  • Portable – easy in and easy out – one quick call really does take care of it all
  • Temporary – or longer-term, for as long as you need it.
  • Compact and pleasant looking
  • No damage to your surfaces or home
  • Safe and secure for both the user and for the carer
  • Great for use by carers; minimised risk of back strain, lifting, slips or falls
  • Makes bathroom / toilet time less embarrassing and more stress-free
  • Exceedingly versatile
  • Plus as a bonus, they are easy to clean.

What’s included in our package

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us; we do the rest:

  • Ascertain the best size for your needs
  • Deliver it to your door
  • Unpack and install the CarePort
  • Attach electrical and plumbing services
  • Show you how to use it and highlight its features

Then when you call us to return it, we will:

  • Uninstall the CarePort and remove it
  • Remove all plumbing and electrical services
  • Leave your premises neat and tidy
  • Take everything away.   

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