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Your Portable Bathroom Solution

If you or a client you work with are unable to access their bathroom due to an illness, medical condition, physical ailment, or even simply home renovations, A CAREPORT from VIP Access is the perfect solution providing an invaluable short or long-term solution.

The portable Careport unit can serve as a standalone shower or a combination of shower and toilet, offering an immediate solution for accessible showering and toileting.

For those seeking the convenience of a portable toilet and/or shower, this is the perfect answer.

Key Advantages of VIP Access Careports: VIP Access’ Careports boast numerous advantages, with portability being the foremost. Easily transportable to any location, these units require minimal space, ensuring you can still enjoy the comforts of home. With straightforward transport and installation, our mobile units stand out as the top choice for clients and families.

Those who benefit from the Careport:

  • Homeowners with a single bathroom undergoing renovations.
  • Individuals discharged from the hospital, not yet capable of using their existing bathroom safely.
  • Hospital discharges awaiting funding for home modifications.
  • Those incapacitated or with medical conditions.
  • Temporary or permanent wheelchair users.
  • People living in rental properties who cannot modify the bathroom.
  • People staying at a family members house short-term that requires an accessible bathroom.

The cubicle accommodates various shower stools or commode chairs, and the shower rose height is adjustable for user comfort.

  • Each Careport comes equipped with:
  • Robust heating system for a continuous stream of warm water.
  • Amenities include a grab rail, and ramp.
  • Has its own hot water system and macerator pump.

Premium Installations: VIP Access offers premium installation services for all Careports, ensuring quick and efficient setup with minimal disruption. Experienced installers ensure your Careport is ready for convenient use in no time.

Technical Specifications & Requirements: The freestanding unit is safe, easy to clean and conforms to the relevant Australian plumbing and electrical standards and can be supplied with an optional self contained thermostat controlled water heater.

  • Standard Model: 1030mm in length  x 864mm door opening
  • Longer Model: 1215mm in length x 751mm door opening
  • 120 Plus Model: 1210mm in length x 864mm door opening
  • Height of all Careports: 1900mm
  • Ramp Size: 1,000mm width x 430mm depth (standard model)
  • Ramp Size: 895mm width x 430mm depth (longer model)
  • Ramp Size: 1010mm width x 470mm depth (120 Plus model)
  • Allow 1m at rear for plumbing services
  • Allow as much space as possible for ease of user access
  • 10 amp 240volt power point
  • Access to garden tap
  • Access to sewer gully trap
  • Located close to an openable window or door

We have three different sizes available, please see specs below.

The VIP Portable Bathroom

A temporary bathroom that fits into any standard garage or enclosed area.

Our innovative VIP Portable Bathroom is designed to sit in an internal garage and provide a fully equipped wet floor shower and toilet facility to those in need of a temporary bathroom.

The design allows for the roof to be raised for use or lowered for transport. Our VIP Portable Bathrooms are clean, modern and climate controlled. The building is properly outfitted with the necessary adaptions to simplify toileting for those with physical challenges.

  • VIP Portable Bathroom is completely self-contained, simply placed on the floor of your garage and connected to the closest power and water sources.
  • Full wet floor including toilet, adjustable height hand basin and 1.2m x 1.8m shower area.
  • Enclosure provides a warm area to shower and dress in, even in the middle of winter.
  • Inbuilt macerator pump to transfer waste to the nearest toilet or to a holding tank where it will be collected as needed (2-3 times per year).
  • The VIP Portable Bathroom can be set-up in less than a day.


  • Measurements: 3.1m x 2.2m x 2.2m high with roof raised.
  • Step height: Approximately 170mm, ramp will be provided if required.
  • Weight: is roughly 1T.
  • Allow 1m at rear for plumbing services
  • Allow for at least 1m around Portable Bathroom for Installers to have room for installation
  • Allow as much space as possible for ease of user access
  • Allow space for Ramp at front of the Portable Bathroom for access
  • 10 amp 240 volt power point
  • Access to garden tap – Maximum 20m hose length
  • Access to sewer gully trap – Maximum 20m hose length
  • Located close to an openable window or door
  • Toilet Height – Top of Pan 400mm

We’re Here for You: At VIP Access, we prioritise customer satisfaction and safety as the key to our success. Committed to providing the best service, we take pride in the positive feedback we receive. Whatever your needs with our Careport units, we pledge to do our best to fulfill them.

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