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Disability Access Design

As a specialist disability access designer, VIP Access provides innovative and practical designs via our CAD software, helping you see the detailed plan on how the new design will look like. We are also able to create valuable 3D renderings of the plans.

VIP Access specialise in disability access design for kitchensbathrooms and ramp solutions, and disability renovations in general.

3D Rendering

We bring the designs to life by 3D rendering, letting you visualise the design from different angles.

Concept Plan
Concept Plan
Concept Plan
Concept Plan

Universal Design

universalUniversal design involves designing homes that will be functional for a wide range of users, irrespective of physical ability or age. As the population ages, we will see an increase in the need for houses designed for universal access.

As a wheelchair user himself, Scott knows all the challenges of creating a universal design, and uses his experiences and vast knowledge to create innovative implementations to create a home that everybody can enjoy and use.

universal2Some of the special considerations for creating universal designs includes:

We actively search for implementations and modifications that not only meet the national requirements, but include solutions that will aid the quality of life of the intended users.

Contact VIP Access today to discuss your universal design options.