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Why We Love Vinyl Flooring

Apart from looking amazing, it provides functionality for wheelchair uses especially.

Our highly qualified installers prepare your floor and ramp up to doorways to remove the lip into entryways before installation.

There is a great range of colours and timber grains that give you the same beautiful look of a hardwood floor and is available in various thickness options to suit individual client needs.

The vinyl we install is moisture and humidity resistant and rated with a R10 slip rating.

Not only will this provide you with warmth in the winter and coolness in summer, you’ll notice the underfoot comfort, for those able body family members and stability and ease of maneuvering for wheelchair users. Most importantly, our vinyl flooring is low maintenance, with enhanced coatings for resistance to wear, stains, spills and indentations.

Why not get in contact with us today to obtain more information or to arrange a quote for vinyl installation in your home.

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