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Non Slip Solutions

We offer and can install slipsafe treatments depending on the surface area and location to ensure your safety is not compromised on slippery surfaces.

The most common concern from our clients is the tiles in their bathroom becoming slippery after showering, but the slip safe treatment is not only limited to the bathroom, it can also be installed in various indoor areas, kitchens, outside areas around pools, barbecues and entertaining areas.

The solution is Slipsafe which uses an acid etching technique that creates a microscopic tread pattern in the surface of the tile. Different degrees of slip resistance can be achieved, which is dependent on the type of tiles. Once the tile etching treatment is applied, an industrial clean will be conducted to remove existing dirt and grime. The remaining treatment is then washed away leaving your tiles looking as good as new. In most cases, this will not change the appearance of your tiles.

When a Slipsafe application is installed it provides a resistive finish on top of the tiles which can then be cleaned as normal.

With outside surfaces, one option which can be considered are stair nosings. This solution improves foot grip and visibility of edges to prevent tripping up stairs if a contrast colour is installed. Stair nosings are also available in a illuminated range and benefit clients who have a vision impairment especially. This solution can be installed on most stairs and walkways with a range of colours available.

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