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Tile Selection

Enhancing Your Home with Tiles: Beauty, Style, and Safety.

When selecting tiles for your home modification, several key factors come into play, including the tile finish, size, colour, layout, and the overall visual impact you desire for your design. Tiles have the remarkable ability to add beautiful textures and impactful colours to your living spaces while also providing essential layers of protection and safety.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, tiles play a vital role in ensuring the safety of you and your family, especially in areas prone to slipping risks. Appropriate flooring is essential for different areas and spaces in your home, each requiring specific flooring requirements. However, it is recommended to consult with your OT (Occupational Therapist) to determine the best choice based on your individual needs.

In line with the NDIS recommendations and Australian Disability standards, the installation of non-slip ceramic tiles is a crucial requirement. At VIP Access, we partner with Beaumont Tiles, a provider offering a wide selection of non-slip ceramic tiles that meet these exacting standards. Despite these requirements, you still have a wonderful array of colours and styles to create a modern and safe living space. Whether you need non-slip tiles for a bathroom, kitchen, home, or commercial space VIP Access is here to help you create a secure environment that meets your needs.

Slip resistance is a vital characteristic to consider in tiles. Tiles with slip resistance often feature textured surfaces and are rated with Slip Ratings, making it easier to determine their suitability for various areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. For further information on our tile choices visit Beaumont Tiles to view the Microtec collection.

Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to wet floors from taps, sinks, and showers, making it imperative to invest in non-slip bathroom tiles to enhance safety. Regardless of whether you’re aiming to meet NDIS requirements or simply designing a bathroom for your home, slip-resistant tiles are essential for reducing the risk of slipping and falling, particularly for the elderly, children, and individuals with disabilities.

Kitchens are another area where water splashes from various sources are common. Installing slip-resistant tiles in all kitchens, irrespective of meeting NDIS requirements or not, enhances safety for all occupants.

Slip-resistant flooring refers to ceramic tiles that meet the required slip-resistant ratings assessed through Slip Tests. Beaumont’s range of slip-resistant tiles displays Slip Ratings alongside each tile, which are determined through three different test methods.

  • Oil-wet ramp test (R9 – R13)
  • Pendulum test (P0 – P5)
  • Wet barefoot ramp test (A/B/C)

Further information can be found regarding Beaumont’s slip resistant tiles here.

A Slip Rating is a test that measures a tile surface’s slip resistance, developed in accordance with Australian Standards to aid in selecting tiles where safety is a priority. While slip-rated flooring is mandated for stair nosing, stair landings, and ramps in residential buildings by the Australian Building Code and Australian Standards, it is also crucial to consider Slip Ratings for other areas based on their intended applications. In summary, when it comes to tiles, you can achieve beauty, style, and safety all at once by selecting appropriate slip-resistant options for your home’s various spaces. For more information on Beaumont’s Slip Ratings and Tile Testing, please feel free to contact us at 07 3807 4309, where our team will be happy to guide you through our wide range of safe and beautiful tile colours.

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