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Ramp Hire

Our business is founded on the core principle of putting the clients’ needs first. We strive to continually deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. All our decisions flow from this. VIP Access offers ways to improve the independence and safety of people with disabilities and ageing by delivering access and mobility solutions to their homes and workplaces.

Before purchasing a ramp consider renting one for a trial first. It is even possible to rent a wheelchair ramp for a short period or special occasions such as weddings, events or for a houseguest. Disability Ramps can be permanent or temporary, depending on the needs of your home or business.

Rental options are perfect for:

  • Short-term rehabilitation (after surgery, stroke, etc)
  • Hospice or end-of-life situations
  • Rental properties
  • Houseguest/visitor with disabilities
  • Special Events
  • Residential and Commercial Installations

Even the smallest ramp can make a huge difference when it comes to accessing every room in your home — or while on the go. Whether you’re looking for a full-size ramp for front door access or a small entry ramp for a threshold, we’ve got plenty of options to help you live freely.

Portable Ramps

VIP Access specialises in both short-term and long-term disability ramp rentals in Southeast Queensland. Our popular Decpac Ramps are lightweight and easily portable, allowing the user to utilise the ramp whenever necessary and in a wide range of situations. The ramp is easy to use and deploy.  For safety, the surface has a non-slip, gripping surface as well as pads at the base and top of the ramp. No assembly is required. They are manufactured using a combination of unidirectional fibreglass and carbon fibre materials, giving the ramp extra strength, without extra weight. The multi-panel design is held together with a patented hinge system which is connected by webbing. It folds quickly into a concertina style. 

Benefits of the portable Ramps include:

  • Portable – to allow for vehicle transportation and easy storage.
  • Lightweight – and very strong, yet light enough to make them easy to carry.
  • Compact – they to fold up into a much smaller size with a concertina action.
  • Safe – suitable for all weather conditions with the non-slip surface.
  • Simple to Use – this allows for immediate use.


We have four different size options available:

  • 1660mm L x 800mm W
  • 1350mm L x 820mm W
  • 1510mm L x 800mm W
  • 820mm L x 870mm W


  • Max Height Capacity: 14.5 cm and 16.5 cm
  • Ramp Weight: 5.8 kg and 7.5 kg
  • Folded Width: 20cm

Modular Ramps

Our Modular Ramps are a fully removable structure, customizable to suit both commercial and domestic applications.

The prefabricated modules allow for minimal site disturbance, with domestic structures taking on average less than a day to install. This innovative design also allows for removal after the required term of use, as minimal fixings to existing structures means little/no damage is left upon removal.

We offer these ramps in an Aluminium grit-coated checker plate to ensure R11 slip resistance compliance & power coated handrails in any colorbond color.

The ramps are fully compliant to Australian standards and is suitable for domestic and commercial applications and construction sites.

We’d be more than happy to talk about your needs and provide an obligation-free quote.  We operate in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, including Redlands and Logan.  Contact us at VIP Access for more information on Ramp hire or purchase options.

Contact VIP Access today for a friendly discussion on how we can be of assistance.